Grundig Satellit 3000 , 1977 - 1978

An expensive radio ,at 1300DM (equiv. to 680USD). A lot of money 23 years ago! The radio was a "hybrid" , in that it had both analog tuning scales (operated by the familiar tuning-wheels) and a digital readout (covering all bands). You had to tune the radio by means of the analog controls , but with help from the digital display (down to 1KHz step) it was easy to pinpoint the right frequency. To a shortwave-enthusiast the set had some unneccessary (and price-enhancing ?) features such as 6 FM-presets (each with a separate tuner), a detachable LCD-clock ,etc.

Grundig also kept with the familiar "Drum-tuner" mechanism even for this more modern radio. The tuning scales has been re-arranged ,with the FM-band now at top and the SW Band-spread at the bottom.

The unit is easy to operate through its large ,comfortable controls. The selectivity and sensivity is very good ,and the radio has many advanced features. Automatic Noise Limiter, interference- filter, 3-step bandwith filters , Built-in SSB/BFO controls , Dual-Gate-MOS-FET cicuitry for FM .  

The physical appearance of this unit is nothing short of impressive; it is a giant among portable shortwave receivers. At 8,9 Kg (without batteries) it is the heaviest Satellit ever. It measures 50x29x12 cm (WxHxD).  Together with its very elegant, refined looks this makes it a true classic among the large Grundig Satellit receivers.