GRUNDIG  Satellit 205  Transistor 5000





Quick Specs:

FM,LW,MW,13 x SW

Single conversion

 41x25x12cm (whd)

 7 Kgs


Full Specs

More Info

Antenna Info




      Controls on top ,left side ,front side ,and the back



    Observe the turret handle (left/upper side)



  Nice, big control panel with vertical tuning scales



       The separate bandspread /turret tuning scales


Back with BFO panel on the top/right. Also has a hidden (slide-sideways) antenna connector/etc. compartment behind panel in the middle. 



External Antenna & Audio connectors (hidden behind the panel)



   Close-up of (optional) BFO/SSB reception panel (on the back)



   BFO/SSB component board (front)



   BFO/SSB component board (backside)



   Backside with the back-panel opened

               2005 by Knut Otterbeck, Oslo, Norway